Phishing Scams or Compromised Accounts

If you received a suspicious email from Daily Saves but you did not place an order, it may be a phishing scam attempting to gather information, or your account may have been compromised. 


While there is no indication that Daily Saves's systems have ever been compromised, many consumers are targeted by phishing and malware, which can trick consumers into giving their personal information (like their account password) to an unauthorized person.


  • Do not click on any of the links in the email.
  • Check your statements to see if any unauthorized charges were placed and monitor your statements
  • If unauthorized charges were placed, please contact your bank or credit card company to dispute the charges. Your financial institution is the best avenue to recover funds.
  • You can delete any saved payment information and reset your password as a preventative measure.


Please see  for other fraud prevention measures. If unauthorized charges were placed, please see Unrecognized Charges or Orders.

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